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01 July 2007 


Michael Moore is a sexy beast.

He can be a little extreme - okay, a lot extreme. When all was said and done in the theater, I felt a little overwhelmed and inundated with information. I'd like to now take some time to sort through his arguments and sources. In the end, I am with him. Not only is it ridiculous that we don't have universal health care, but for those who do have insurance, how is it that we've not held those institutions ethically accountable?

I mean, really, check out this NYTimes article: Psychiatrists Top List in Drug Maker Gifts.

The film left me pretty disappointed in Hillary Clinton. She lost any potential vote from me after seeing this film. I had no idea she received so many contributions from the same system she fought. And I'll judge her for her early nineteen-nineties silence after her health care plan was defeated. I'll hold the grudge until she tries again.

I was relieved to see that Moore gave air-time to 9/11 rescuers. I can distinctly remember sitting in rush hour traffic on 494 three summers ago and listening to a MN public radio piece about how all of these selfless people were suffering from major respiratory illnesses. Same thing happened with the workers from the Valdez oil spill, but these people are freakishly, consistently untreated. It's sad that, still, nothing has happened to help.

If Moore was perceived as a little less extreme, more people would listen to him. However, if he was less extreme, he wouldn't be exposing every truth.

I am looking forward to seeing this movie----And I agree with you on his level of extremity. It has to be this way, I guess. ---

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