15 August 2007 

Being home

The visit home has flown by at a ridiculous rate. My little vacation to Minnesota has turned out to be a big money drain, and I was so driven to not be stressed out by money that I lost a little bit of control along the way. Little things add up. Oh well. It's not like that's the statement of the century. BUT I've had a great time and don't regret it. It looks like I'll just have to be conservative for the next couple of weeks.

I'm stealing this picture from Julie because we look so darn cute!

Last night we spent some time catching up. Jon and Natasha are wonderful - even if they tend to sober the evening with asteroid, global warming realities. We hit up their new apartment for careless conversation. I think I'm a better person for knowing them. Maybe.

Until I move back here one day, I'm not sure that I'll ever get to see all the people I want in anything more than short blasts of conversations and catch up games.

I start the drive back to Baltimore on Friday morning, where I'll make a pit stop in Chicago to see Kamran. That should be entertaining. Although I heard he cut off his Jesus hair. That might change things.

10 August 2007 

I didn't get the transfer. Too much unrest at the school I wanted to transfer to, with a principal leaving for another district halfway through the process. He was my advocate and warrior.

08 August 2007 

dealing with anger

I am so perturbed by the way my transfer is being dealt with that I found myself practicing what I would say (in the car) on the first day of school to my principal if I didn't get it.

I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm pretty sure the transfer won't go through. I just haven't heard anything and the pessimism is growing.

The job I want won't be there after next year, and I will no longer be able to teach in the program at the school that's holding me hostage. Basically, this means being a Baltimore teacher is up in the air for year three. I wanted to stay here too, this sucks.

I'm probably getting waaaayyyy ahead of myself. So this entry is me blabbling and moving on for the sake of enjoying the rest of my real vacation time at home.

07 August 2007 

This is awkward

but I think I like it...

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