04 November 2007 

It's truly been a while since I've jumped on to blog myself, although I've been actively watching the blog world. In the meantime, school is obviously in full swing along with life. I'm getting ready to start working with the Project to End Human Trafficking. I'm aching for Northern Minnesota, which is a surprise for me. Scout, the wonderful dog, is more and more wonderful every day. Hopkins courses are such a waste of time right now - who knew grad courses could be so ridiculous at such a supposedly good institution. I literally had a prof read handouts to us for an entire two hour block. Who does that? I can't stand my bosses on most days, but the kids are fabulous and crazy. My students are producing student journalism with a higher level of fierceness than before. Although, I must say, it's been an exhausting emotional year with the kids. They know such sadness and pain, and they're ready to share the moment they walk in to my room. I can't even tell you how many kids I've had crying in my classroom with me about the shit that happens to them when they leave my room. I've been throwing these situations around a lot after seeing Gone Baby Gone. After some friends and I left the theater, we were over stimulated and morally overwhelmed. Maybe it resonates with us more because we fight for our children every day that aren't really our children, and we don't know how to handle that boundary when it comes to their needs. However, in the end, if you truly take the movie up on all it has to offer, it is dumbfounding. No promises on more frequent updates or even better quality, but hello, here's a snapshot of now.

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