28 May 2007 

Happened at my school last year too

Finally someone recognized them for their lies.

27 May 2007 

Administrative Chaos

Okay, check this out.

I was offered a job at a charter school that pretty much is everything I believe in with regards to environment and rigor.

My current school is zero-based, which means that everyone is being fired and will have to reapply for their jobs. They also, apparently, have the option to transfer schools. Usually, in Baltimore, you have to teach at a school for three years straight before you can transfer.

Except, they're not letting me transfer, even though I'm getting fired. I'm not sure why people who do half the amount of work I do, make twice as much, get to decide what next steps I take in my career.

In the meantime, I'm doing frivolous things for my current school that make me want to scrape my eyes out. Like make diplomas, certificates, etc.

I like my current school, but I have more to gain and a better impact moving to this other charter school. Plus the principal there is like the karate kid.

20 May 2007 

I'm obsessed.

12 May 2007 

Thanks a lot Natasha for tagging me with this stupid meme-thing. Oh well - I'm playing hooky right now anyway.

Start with eight random facts/habits about yourself. Tag eight more people to blog their own eight things.

Here are my random bits:

1. I just discovered that working out at 6:00 am is actually really relaxing. It's so nice to get home from teaching and know that I have the rest of the night for whatever I need and want.

2. My sister graduated from college yesterday, and I couldn't be there.

3. In my first flowerbed the first morning glory bloomed today. The lilies, rosebushes, snapdragons, and begonias have been going strong.

4. We just fling Scout and Jordan's poop into the abandoned yard next door to us. It's really nothing compared to the needles and dirt condoms that can also be found among the poop.

5. I'm skipping a professional development session right now, because my administration signed me up to work without pay on a Saturday without asking me first. Fucka suckas!

6. Fiest is playing at a local club, and I'm going to see her. I like it this way. Seeing people before I know if I like them. It makes more sense. It's why I like Regina Spektor.

7. Summer is nearing. I can't stop squirming. I just keep thinking about sitting out at Merritt's pool drinking box wine from my Nalgene bottle.

8. I want to be hiking. Right now.

My entire blog world has already been tagged.

06 May 2007 

I'm finally getting real. With the help of an amazing person, I'm starting this quiet revolution of self. I'm purifying my body, pushing it to newness physically, shedding things that have crawled in, to let dark places crawl out.

I found my first full-blown anxiety attack, but now that it happened, I feel better. I'm understanding parts of myself that I refused to acknowledge. Without this coming, I'd never be Aimless again.

That's not an option.

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