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10 July 2007 

Lifetime teacher?

Don't know. Funny thing is I used to always know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Then life happened, more specifically a near-death encounter, and now I don't know what I want anymore - you know in specific professional terms (I suppose small parts of not professional life too).

I love teaching. Love it. Sometimes hate it, but usually love it and all of its ugly. I'm loving my counseling class and wish it didn't end tomorrow. I guess more than anything, the class has just reminded me that there is so much social activism left to do that can be done professionally, and if that ends up always being teaching, fine; at least now I can say that I'm legitimately considering options in general. I've focused so much on doing one thing the best I can these past six years that I've built a sort of tunnel vision.

Good thing I have friends. Check out this weekend's view:

View of White Mountains from Mt. Cardigan's Summit

Me, Kim, and Kerri

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