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12 November 2006 

Violence & Death

After much reflection from the death of a student, I think I came up with a loose theory as to why it hit my students so hard. Beware, this is a generalization to an extreme.

Students can explain death by violence. Although its justifiability is rare, they can logically draw connections between people, words, actions, time and place.

Students can't draw any sort of explanation of a fourteen year-old boy dying of natural causes. There is no concrete logic that is applicable to the lives they carry. No concrete path to follow from point A to B.

As an adult, the medical world is logical and devastating when it comes to death. However, I can't seem to understand people killing people, ever.

I don't understand death, period.
I also think that they are having a taste of their own mortality. Pretty tough thing to face so young.

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