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06 November 2006 

I hide and do my thing

That's right folks. I just cranked out eleven letters of recommendation for my seniors within an hour. Add the complicated factor that I've known these students for, oh, about two months now. Awesome. Whew.

On another note, I'm a total suck up, but I guess I'm just really passionate about telling people the positive thoughts I have about them. We deserve to hear good things! I sent my principal an email saying I respect and appreciate working for her. I said I love that she makes the right decisions, not the popular decisions, stays honest, and is student-centered.

And on another totally different topic, have you ever noticed that the people at staff meetings turn into starving wild dogs with a pack mentality? If you have anything to say, be prepared for your flesh to be shredded. The victim never deserves to be torn into chewable chunks, because usually he or she is just the messenger.

Remind me to NEVER host a professional development session or speak at a staff meeting. Ever.

And if you have children, never serve on the PTA board.

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