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10 November 2006 

11:36 PM

I still have another four page paper due for a grad class tomorrow. I already wrote one earlier this evening. Somehow I find myself fumbling through other items of interest, like my sister's blog. Or how now that she's gay and out to the world, her life is so different. Her roommates treat her like shit. People look at her differently. I'm not sure about this new girlfriend yet.

Then there are the other emotional blows of the day to consider. Like the student who died last night. My entire sophomore class was softly crying. I had nothing for them. Nothing to offer. Looking back at it, I'm glad that they were all feeling their emotions openly. It's healthy. It's also a little overwhelming for me. I didn't know the student who died, I just know mine. And I've grown so attached to their lives, happiness, and success that knowing I had nothing for them threw me into my own grief. Of course then there are the flashbacks to a time when other students died...

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