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07 November 2006 

What's more expensive? Car battery or stereo system?

Sweet glory. Oh I love its silky ooze.

The family across the street bought a brand new Dodge Caravan. It's maroon. The license plate is outlined with a cute little bullet border. Apparently, they don't have a stereo system in the house, so instead they open their automatic side door and blast the bass. My bedroom wall shakes - from across the street. Best part is, they're listening to the music from inside their house. Nobody is outside dancing in the street being cutesy. Nobody.

Then the music died. Because they finally killed their van's battery! Hah. Buy a stereo! Grrrrr. They're going to kill Miss Margaret next door. She's the cutest old lady who sits on her stoop and talks to me about Minnesota and wants to know about my students. She'll officially go deaf, lose her mind, and die.

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