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25 November 2006 


We had a potato-off! Michael lost...Shawn won!
Roommate cutting the herb-scented, roasted turkey I cooked
The day after meant buying a tree and decorating it!
It came with a plain wreath that we decorated to add a little pizazz to our desolate and crazy street.
Yesterday my roommate received a $40 parking ticket in front of our house. This provided a great opportunity to talk to our wonderful two neighbors. We talked about what our Baltimore neighborhood used to look like and the little ways we can bring the pride back. We started with a wreath, tree, and lights around our window.

Little blue lights on the tree would compliment the decor on the rest of the street!

Who the heck is that weirdo in the second photo? Why would you hang out with such a dude? The only thing of merit are the part of his good looks which must clearly run in the family.

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